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Don Trudeau is the president of Benistar and the founder of this successful and acclaimed healthcare provider. Benistar excels in providing administration services for employees who wish to get help for insurance plans and other healthcare services when they retire.

Don Trudeau is the man who visualized this revolution while guiding retired individuals on how they can fight for their medical coverage post-retirement.

Don Trudeau is not just the owner and founder but he is also an inspiration that kindles camaraderie forhundreds of employees.

How was Benistar Founded?                  

Established in 1978,  Benistar wasfounded by Molly Carpenter Benistar who was pained to see the lack of quality medical plans for retirees in the U.S.

Some of the medical plans available at that time came with a huge premium which the average retiree could never afford.

Thanks to great efforts from people like Don, the industry has finally managed to make the medical market more favorable for post-65 retirees. 

What sets Benistar Apart?

Benistar’s medical insurance plans provide complete coverage for retirees and offer a low premium.

Through the years, this system has been upgraded refined.  Online tools make the sign-up process easy and fast, meaning that the people trying to receive help get the care they need.

Some of the Benefits of Services Offered by Benistar

Choice of Doctor:

Retirees may seek medical services and help from any doctor who accepts Medicare patients. This helps stimulate competition in the marketplace to help reduce costs.

Customer-friendly Service:

Online executives make certain that retirees get all the information they require before and after sign up.

Coverage for Spouses:

Enrollees can also get coverage for their spouse for any medical need (even emergencies) by selecting specific plans like Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.


WBENC is a non-profit certification that Benistar has earned, meaning Benistaris a women-run organization in which 51% or more of the equity of the company is owned and governed by a woman or a group of women.

The chairman of Benistar, Ms. Molly Carpenter, haspointed out that most of their employees were women even as far back as 2001.

This is a considerable thing to achieve for any organization and Benistar has constantly managed this throughout the years.

Happy Customers

One of the reasons that Benistar has managed to keep their customers happy is by creating a Retiree RX Resource Center. This enables customers to check the status of their medication orders, claims, prescription history and much more by just logging in to one administrative area.

This unique online center provides specific details of individual plans, allowing people to analyze and evaluate the advantages in an easy to read manner.

A Positive Rating from BBB.org

Third party regulation authorities like BBB.org have certified Benistar with an A+ rating for providing impeccable administration services regarding health benefits and their help with plans for retirees.

By providing this excellent service, DonTruedeau’sBenistar is highly recommended for helping with assisted retirement insurance and medical coverage.

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